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Podcast Review: Leaders Create Leaders

This podcast is slated to up your game, expand your vision, and keep your mindset on point. By Devonte Lawson
Web Exclusive, Zeitgeist

The “Leaders Create Leaders” podcast with host Gerald Adams is self-motivation at its finest. Timmy Sneaks featured as a special guest in this podcast with insight into his personal life. Life can be challenging and difficult which can lead to thoughts of quitting or giving up.  Although he experienced trials growing up, it never discouraged him from achieving his dreams of becoming an artist. In most cultures, making a living as a professional artist is frowned upon. But that negative connotation never got in the way of his current success. This podcast will encourage you to make your dreams a priority and invest in yourself.

The host offers power and accountability that there is nothing but yourself that can stop you from being successful. This podcast speaks to those who have experienced the rough side of life and have lost the will to dream. Adversities can no longer be an excuse when it comes to the rest of your life. According to Timmy Sneaks, overcoming those obstacles can be the best method of motivation. His story of being a kid and seeing Lamborghini’s on South Beach and now having his own Lamborghini is inspiring. Timmy believes that our dreams should be bigger than us. He also believes that if we really want to become successful, we will do anything to get it done. “What’s stopping you?” This question was so profound that they made it the title of the podcast.

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