My only experience with The Salvation Army is their thrift stores. Is it more than that?

The Salvation Army is more than a thrift store; it is a Christian church of global reach! The SalvationArmy operates church services, anti-human trafficking strategies, social service centers, summer and day camps, drug rehabilitation programs, homeless shelters, overseas child sponsorship, women’s groups, scouting programs, emergency disaster services, and music education classes.

You can’t say all that without taking a breath!

The thrift stores serve as a revenue stream to finance all this work. So, the next time you shop or donate to our stores, remember that you are supporting an Army that fights for good against human suffering.

What does it mean to be saved?

Imagine that you are out on a boat in the deep sea. Unfortunately, you fall overboard to taste the bitter salt water and fight against overpowering currents. Before the waters pull you under, a strong arm reaches down into the waves. You will not drown; you will not be lost at sea. You are pulled back up on the boat—you are rescued.

To be saved means that you are rescued. When we speak about Jesus as a personal Savior, we really mean that Jesus rescued us from the evils of sin. We can’t rescue ourselves, we can only be rescued because Jesus provided it for us. We believe that by Jesus’ holy life, death, and resurrection, Jesus rescues us to live with God forever. Life with God starts now! It doesn’t begin the moment we die and go to heaven.

Discovering Jesus as your personal savior starts with your declaration. The Bible states, “if you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9, NIV).

What does that mean? To be saved, you must truly believe that Jesus is the Son of God; that He died and rose again. It means that you are willing to say this publicly. It means that you will rely on Jesus’ help to live a life that loves God and loves your neighbors, no matter who they are!

To help you grow in your belief about Jesus, it’s vitally important that you join a local church. It’s a place where you will learn more about faith and serving God. Introduce yourself to the church leaders and tell them that you are interested in learning more about Jesus! They would love to chat further with you and help you begin your faith journey.

I’d like to get more involved with The Salvation Army. Where do I start?

There are Salvation Army operations zip codes across the United States. There’s a good chance that there is a Salvation Army near your community. You can discover Salvation Army locations at www.salvationarmyusa.org.

I don’t think I’m great at writing, but I’d like to share the story of what Jesus has done in my life. What should I do?

Your story is worth sharing. The secret to writing is simple: write, write, write! Do your best, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who is trusted and experienced—that maybe your pastor, teacher, or even your parent.

We accept contributions from many different age groups and different experiences. We can’t promise that we’ll publish your submission, but we will take it seriously and pray for God to use your story for His glory. 

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