Music Review: Kanye West

Damien Horne reviews music artists Kanye West, Monti, and Brad Sample this December. By Damien Horne

If you’ve listened to any hip-hop, urban music, or are even remotely up to date on pop culture in the last decade, then the name Kanye West is one that is more than likely very familiar to you.  From his clothing line to his public breakdowns, Kanye is known for his bold, opinionated personality. Mr. West has recently professed his desire to devote his life to God and follow Jesus Christ. He just released an album called “Jesus is King.”

I’ve had the opportunity to listen through the album, and although it is a departure from the sound of his early projects, I must say I do enjoy the lyrical content. He quotes Scripture and speaks on biblical principles and his newfound hope and joy in Jesus. I dig it, but what I dig even more is the potential lives that can be won for the Kingdom! I think you will enjoy his interpretation of gospel music, and I pray the Holy Spirit continues to work in the life of Kanye and those who are touched by his new music!

“Can simply being competent enough to answer questions eloquently really determine if you are the man or woman for the job?”


There are few artists who transcend their music the way Monti does. Not only is she a great artist, but her philanthropic outreach is even more incredible. Monti creates conscious music that speaks directly to the listener’s heart and soul. If you enjoy soulful pop music that touches your core and an artist who gets in the trenches to really touch the lives of others, then @Montitheartist needs to be on your radar!


The debut album is here! “Rhinestones and Broken Bones” by Brad Sample has a refreshing retro feel with a rocking rhinestone country edge to it. It feels like Black Keys meets Johnny Cash meets Gary Clark Jr. Sample’s unique voice and stellar guitar playing will have you wanting more. “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” has been on repeat as my current theme song. Go check him out at Bradsample.com.

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