Meet Jayra Young

Born in Belize City, Jayra serves God as the praise and worship leader. You can always count on Jayra!

Born in Belize City, Jayra Young has grown up as an active participant in her local Salvation Army (Belize Central). Three generations before her made The Salvation Army their home church, and 16-year-old Jayra is no different. She serves God as the praise and worship leader and is a member of both the dance troupe and brass band. If help is needed, you can always count on Jayra!

Though Jayra was born to a loving family, her life changed drastically three days after her third birthday—her father left for the United States to make a better life and never returned.


 “If you feel like Jesus is calling you, don’t ignore that call.”

Jayra’s mother refused to remain idle or depressed like many other women who had experienced something similar—Jayra’s mother was different. “She was a mother that got up and got a job and she made it work for us,” Jayra notes proudly.

Her mother and brother, Jarem, taught her about Jesus, but it wasn’t until last year (age 15) that Jayra made the commitment herself to follow Jesus wholeheartedly at Youth Councils (youth retreat). Following that decision, Jayra could not contain the good news of Jesus and joyfully shared the Word of God with those around her. As a result, she lost a few friends—friends who weren’t a positive influence on her life.


Today, Jayra continues to live for Jesus in Belize, together with her mom, stepfather and brother. Jayra notes that her mother is the most influential person in her faith— “She is someone who I can look up to. But every time I tell her, ‘I want to be like you,’ she says, ‘No, be better than me.’”

Jayra wants her generation to know: “If you feel like Jesus is calling you, don’t ignore that call. Go for it. I promise you it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”

Jayra favorite Bible verse is the one her mom prays over her and her brother (Jaren) every morning before school: “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17, NKJV).


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