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Video Game Review: Kingdom Come Deliverance

Developed by Warhouse Studios, John Beck gives his praise for this immersive role-playing game. By John Beck
Web Exclusive, Zeitgeist

If you enjoy role-playing games, I have found the promised land. This game is incredibly detailed that when you start off as a low-born blacksmith, you don’t even know how to read. Destined to a life of a village blacksmith, Henry desires a more adventurous life. Fate works in curious ways as the story develops, taking you to different towns and cities and partaking in Middle Age intrigue. Developing your character’s skills and attributes is challenging but very rewarding.

Warhorse Studios shattered the role-playing game mold with not a single element of fantasy that I could see. It’s a deeply historic game that’s wonderfully detailed with period-appropriate construction and dress. The social hierarchy weighs heavily into the game, and you will have to navigate between the nobility, burghers, and peasants to complete your quests. How you interact with people of all classes will affect your reputation in the town. This game is for someone who loves in-depth role-playing and an appreciation for historical events.

Being from a new developer, the game does have bugs. I have played the game for around 40 hours and found that the game has issues. Characters without heads was a common one. These are immersion-breaking and can require a restart to correct. The plot development does lack a certain finality and satisfying ending. The Royal Edition comes to the rescue with the added DLC which took note of the valid criticism and made the corrections. I would not recommend the base game without the DLC, not because the base game is bad, but rather the DLC is the proverbial cherry on top.

Overall, I give the game a 4/5. The game is a great role-playing game that has a unique and immersive feel! Be patient with the game and have fun!

Peer Rating: 4/5

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