Jackets: Rain or Shine!

Most thrift stores have a great variety of trendy raincoats, sweatshirts and running clothes. By Abigail Merritt

I love to be active. Since I started shopping more often at thrift stores, my closet has been filled with the best activewear finds. It can be pricey when looking for quality activewear, but I’ll let you in on a little secret … I found all of mine at the thrift store.

Most thrift stores have a great variety of raincoats, sweatshirts and running clothes that are both trendy and at low prices, of course! With activewear, you can wear oversized items for comfort and layers. Pick out a raincoat and pair it with your favorite pair of leggings, athletic shorts, joggers and tennis shoes.

I like to keep an eye out for brands I like. You can pick neutral pieces that go with anything or bring in a pop of color with your athletic wear. For girls, it’s always fun to wear neon pink, orange or green for athletic wear that you wouldn’t normally choose. For guys, rock those bright reds, blues and greens. Guys, having a windbreaker on-the-go is always useful. Whether for a golf outing, basketball with friends or even just a walk in the park, you can find a nice inexpensive one right at the thrift store.

I love to rock athletic wear as my outfit for the day (especially during quarantine) and finding cute items to do that with, makes it so fun and comfortable!

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