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Video Game Review: Doom Eternal

This blend of metal music, gun-slinging, and chainsawing misses the mark for a game that’s worth buying. By John Beck
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Doom is a historic franchise in the gamer world and this newest installment seeks to build on the Doom edition released in 2016. This game hits all the nostalgia of the franchise and its signature fast pace elements are the foundations of Eternal. The game is so fast-paced that even though the levels are large and intricate, you will play through the game quicker than you might think. The average level lengthy is about thirty mins.

“Doom Eternal” shines in its devotion to fast-paced action. Once you get a feel for your weapons and the uniqueness each one brings to your arsenal, paired with the weaknesses of your enemies, you can chain together several fast-paced action sequences. The RPG elements that the game incorporates rewards a player that does take map exploration into their playthrough. The game’s soundtrack of metal plays when an encounter is happening and feeds to the adrenaline of the situation.

The game does become repetitive by the third and fourth level. The game throws challenging sequences at you which are all defeated, and you progress the level. The game does contain plenty of its signature Demonic symbolism—which if this bothers you, it would be best to avoid this title.

In the end, “Doom Eternal” seems to fall flat for me. It lacks innovation that one would call original. Its overarching plot of slaying all the demons and invading hell is enjoyable, however, as you progress on thinning the world of the herds of demons, you will get tired of it. Map exploration did add a nice break between the action and furthered its progression toward an RPG. Its blend of metal music blaring, gun-slinging, chainsaw-using, flamethrower-throwing just misses the mark for a game that’s worth buying. In the end, this game ranks lower for me and I would give it a 2/5.

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Peer Rating: 2/5

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