Candle Cozy

Shopping on a budget? Remix writer, Abigail Chenoweth, talks buying candles from the thrift store! By Abigail Chenoweth

Until I went away to college, I had no idea that candles were so expensive! But I LOVE candles—they add so much to an environment: coziness, aroma, beauty and fun!

When you are in a thrift store, you can find all sorts of random candles: pillar, taper, tea light and so much more. 

It is funny how a simple candle in a space can really change it all up. Instead of heading to Target and getting one candle for $15, you can go to the thrift store and get five new or gently used candles for $10, and they will be so much more unique. 

The candles are usually going to be in the décor/kitchen section. You might have to search a little harder because they can hide! Another fun thing to do is find a holder for the candles you find. Candelabras, small glassware that you can fit a plain candle into or even wax melters make great candle holders. 

You can make any candle fit into your space; the options are endless for where a candle can go!

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