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Why is It Important for Christians to Go to Church?

Ask an officer anything. An officer in The Salvation Army is an ordained minister of Christian faith.
Ask an Officer

Why is it important for Christians to go to church? Can’t I get the same things from podcasts or YouTube?

If possible, you should attend church in person because God created us to live in community with Him and each other. If I tried to convince you that FaceTime was the same as visiting your friends/family in person, would you agree? Probably not—there is an irreplaceable feeling when you are actually with someone because we are hardwired for human interaction. Church creates a place for us to be with other believers and grow in our relationship with God. YouTube can’t hug you when you’re discouraged, and podcasts won’t pray for you when you’re struggling—only human beings can do that—and that’s why you should go to church!

Captain Ryan Boyd, Missoula, Montana

Why should I set goals for the New Year? How do I set good goals?

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Life goals are important and New Year’s Resolutions usually work for some people, but not all. Some of us are wired to begin new habits at any time, while others love the fresh start of a calendar year.

What helps keep you accountable? Is it other people, like a study buddy or an exercise partner? Or is it writing your goals down and reviewing periodically? Know what works FOR YOU. Also, be specific. For example, instead of “I will read my Bible more this year,” try “I will read the devotion and Scripture from the She Reads Truth app every day.”

Too often, our New Year’s Resolutions can be self-critical and too broad. Narrow them down and reframe them into something positive. For example, if you’d like to get more sleep, giving yourself a bedtime sounds like a drag. Reframe it to say, “I need seven hours of sleep on Tuesday nights to make it through my super busy Wednesdays. They’re so long with work, school and band practice.” Your future self will thank you!

Major Marion Durham, Ocala, Florida

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