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Video Game Review: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

A fascinating game that mimics “The Division 2," Breakpoint is a great addition to the Ghost Recon series. By John Beck
Web Exclusive, Zeitgeist

“Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint” is a fascinating game with gameplay that mimics “The Division 2.” The game plays in line with the plot’s narrative. Nomad is shot down over the Archipelago of Aurora and encounters a technologically superior hostile force. A fan-favorite character with superstar John Bergdahl plays the antagonist Cole D. Walker. A former ghost* whose legacy is a legend and Soldiers’ soldier. Nomad must muster together his remaining ghosts* and fight a guerilla campaign to overthrow Walker.

This game has a story element that is fascinating. It’s brother against brother—a civil war between the elite warrior class of the 1st Special Operations Group. Covering the modernization of war, which coincidently has always distanced humanity’s participation, technology is taking a forefront on conflicts around the world. The story engages the player about battlefield ethics and the rules of war. Grasping that the Geneva Convention may need updated to include increasingly lethal drones that do not require human operators. This game plays like a loot shooter with minor RPG (roleplaying game) elements.

The mechanics are not all too different than “Ghost Recon Wildlands” and will be familiar and easy to pick up for the experienced Ghost. The change from Unidad being the shock troopers who were around the map but not present randomly, Wolves tend to be in random places. You can be walking in the woods between objectives and then they suddenly engage with you, assisted with their drones. You are not the Apex predator in this game as you were in “Wildlands.” Nomad is hunted, there are drones canvassing the island looking for him/her and if spotted, get ready for a fight with QRF inbound.

It is a great addition to the series and for that I give Breakpoint a 4/5.

Peer Rating: 4/5

*Ghost = elite special operations soldier

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