Video Game Review: A Goofy Space Exploration Vacation

A first-person, science-fiction adventure game set in a future where humans explore the far reaches of space for new worlds. By Chris Clark

“Journey to the Savage Planet” is a first-person, science-fiction adventure game set in a future where humans explore the far reaches of space for new worlds. Players take on the role of an explorer who travels to a mysterious and colorful alien planet known only as ARY-26. After landing, players learn that they do not have enough fuel for a trip back to Earth and will need to explore the planet in order to scavenge the resources they need. During this exploration, it becomes clear that this wild planet is much more mysterious, and more inhabited, than it initially appeared.

Gameplay is almost exclusively exploration. Your character does have a small pistol, but it is rarely needed as most of the creatures on ARY-26 are, ironically, not very savage. This heavy emphasis on exploration over combat creates a very relaxing experience, making this game feel like a mellow walk in an interstellar park.

By far, the greatest strength of this game is its unabashed sense of humor. Your spaceship has screens that play a mix of parody commercials and communications from the eccentric company you work for, “Kindred Aerospace.” These short, live-action video clips include witty jokes and surprisingly good acting. Everything in this game, from your sarcastic ship AI to your goofy journal entries, is infused with delightful comedy.

Though the story is intriguing, it’s not the most compelling part of the game. Shortly after you begin your exploration, you stumble across abandoned alien buildings and begin unraveling the mysterious history of this planet. I did enjoy the story, but it felt a bit rushed. Overall, I do wish there had been a bit more depth to the plot.

“Journey to the Savage Planet” has phenomenal visuals. The alien planet is brought to life in vivid color and detail and the bizarre creatures you stumble across seem believable. In a game so focused on exploration, the quality of the world you are exploring takes on extra importance, and “Journey to the Savage Planet” rises to that challenge.

My only other complaint is that I wish the gameplay had been a bit longer. The story seems to end abruptly, and I was disappointed to have such enjoyable gameplay come to a close so soon. 

Overall, I had a great time playing this game and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun adventure. If you want a whimsical space vacation, you can’t go wrong with “Journey to the Savage Planet.”

Peer Rating: 4.5/5

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