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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

“...taking intentional time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the reason for the season, always brings me a sense of wonder and peace.” By Major Jamie Satterlee
From the Editor

Confession: I am a bit crazy about Christmas. I love everything about the season: the music, movies, Advent, decorations, finding the perfect gift for loved ones, time with family; I find it all special. One of my favorite things about the season are my family traditions. 

Every year on October 1, we celebrate what I affectionately call, “Happy Torture Your Oldest Daughter with Christmas Music Day!” I could listen to Christmas music all year long but I try and restrain myself for my family’s sake. On October 1, all bets are off. This drives my daughter wild, as she would prefer to wait until at least November, if not December. So, on the way to school on October 1, I blast “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year.” I find great enjoyment in this tradition and, secretly, I think she does too.

One of my very favorite traditions began when my daughters were young. We would get them ready for bed, just like any other night, but when they got to their beds, they discovered a printed ticket to the Christmas Light Express. Still dressed in their PJs, they took their tickets to the front door, where they exchanged them for their coats, a sippy cup of chocolate milk and a snack. Off we’d go to our sleigh (aka our minivan) for a trip around town to look at all of the best Christmas lights. We’d end the night at this massive Christmas light display, with a light show coordinated with the music that played over the loudspeakers. It was magical. 

We still enjoy this tradition every year, though it has changed slightly. My girls are older now and aren’t as fond of going out in public in their pajamas. We’ve traded the sippy cup for their favorite Starbucks drink. My favorite parts remain though: family time, oohing and ahing over the lights as we enjoy each other’s company amid an incredibly busy season. A pause, a chance to take time out from the hustle and bustle.

This pause reminds me why I love Advent. This busy season brings gatherings to attend, shopping to do and, for The Salvation Army, kettles and Angel Tree. But during Advent, taking intentional time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the reason for the season, always brings me a sense of wonder and peace.

I hope you take time to read our features this month, which incorporate these favorites of mine—Advent and celebrating traditions with loved ones. Praying that you find this sense of wonder and peace as you celebrate His birth this season. Merry Christmas! 

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