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The Media Mission

"Let's be a blessing online to a world who needs Jesus!" By Kirby Kelly

When it comes to making a difference online, we can be led astray to believe that only those “verified” can be an influencer. We believe that once we have a blue check mark or finally have a “K” next to the number of people who follow us, then can we really have an impact. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

When it comes to being an influencer for the Kingdom, we must realize what influence truly is, the purpose behind it and what it looks like to steward the influence that we each possess. You heard me right: everyone has influence. I like to tell people that if you have one person in your life who looks to you, then you are an influencer. To influence is not to have thousands of likes and followers online, but it is to have an impact on any select number of people in any given platform. So often, we look to social media and follower count to define the impact we have as an influencer, and then discouragement gets the best of us to believe that we are not making a difference. However, the reality is that we have so many circles online and offline where we can change the world: our families, our friend groups, our coworkers and classmates just to name a few examples. If you take the time to really think about who has their eyes on you and who lends an ear to you throughout your day, you will quickly discover that you possess the abilities of an influencer. However, when it comes to the gospel, you do not need to provide them with a promo code or affiliate link! It is a free gift that anyone can receive, and we must be the messengers of that Good News that so many people do not understand. 

The Importance of Your Influence

This Good News is something that is especially needed in the online space. With counterfeit gods and deceptive worldviews defining identities and purposes, there is a greater need for us as believers to be bold in our faith online. Yes, it can be scary, and the thought of being disliked by so many people may seem like the biggest hurdle to get over, but we must remember what Jesus said in John 15:18-19. The NIV translation reads, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” 

The first step to being an influencer for the Kingdom is understanding who you are being influenced by. Are we influenced by the world, the fear of man, the desire for fame or the counterfeit gods out there? Or are we being influenced by Christ Himself, the very one we are called to represent and who called us out of our sin? Christ has chosen each of us out of this world to know Him deeper, and out of that primary calling to know and be influenced by Him, we are secondarily called to go and make disciples to all nations by preaching the Good News; that includes going to the mission field that is modern day media. We must surrender being influenced by and being submitted to the world in order to properly do digital discipleship.

Secondly, if you are wanting to make an impact online, you need to press into and pray about the gifts, talents and passions that God has given you. How can you reach people online through the unique giftings and callings you have? Maybe it’s through music, spoken words, speaking and preaching, fashion or illustrations from everyday life scenarios. Whether it be 20 people or 20,000 people, we all have people watching us. How they relate to us and receive communication is completely different per person, and that is why we must use our individual gifts to reach people who would not regularly be influenced by a pastor from a pew. They might be influenced by a singer from their screen or a comedian through their computer. 

Thirdly, as you press into knowing God deeper and having Him influence you, ask Him to reveal to you which gifts and talents He’s given you to use as a tool for evangelism, and then go and fulfill the Great Commission! Found in Mark 16:15, the Great Commission tells us that we are called to go and preach the gospel to all people. 

After you have spent time being influenced by Christ and developing confidence in sound biblical truth and have sought after knowing the gifts He’s given you and how to steward them, go out boldly and create content online in Jesus’s name! Again, it may seem intimidating to post about Jesus to a world where Christianity is deemed everything but Christlike, but now is the time for us to shine the light of Christ in a dark world, show others the truth about Christ, who we are called to be and who they are called to become. Let the Lord lead you in your creating and posting, and submit it to Him with humility, because those who yield to Him and present themselves as obedient and willing vessels will not only be blessed but will be a blessing to others. Let’s influence, create and be a blessing online to a world who needs Jesus online! 

For Further Study


  • Bought + Beloved Podcast: to know more about how to make an impact online as a Christian influencer. Two episodes I recommend are: 
    • Submitting Your Influence to God 
    • Influence with Boldness with Kaci Nicole

In those episodes, myself and a featured guest discuss what godly influence looks like both online and in the practical day to day. 


  • Viral Jesus by Noah Herrin who analyzes what set Jesus apart as a man who had a viral impact in the world. 

Kirby is a 24-year-old Christian content creator and speaker from Dallas. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s in theology at Dallas Baptist University and loves to use her platforms to equip, empower and engage individuals with the Word of God. Her podcast, Bought + Beloved, can be streamed anywhere, and her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are @kirbyisaboss.

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