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The Angel Adjutant: Staff-Captain Kate Lee

Adjutant Lee’s one quest was souls.
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Adjutant Lee’s one quest was souls. Her life was not serenely sheltered, or untouched by difficulty. Rather, she lived life for the salvation of others, a holy love, lived out in the front trenches. In ‘The Officer’ publication of June 1919 she writes,

“’It is not easy for me to feel; I am not made that way,’ says one. ‘If a fire broke out and one of my people was in danger I should then feel, and be the first to rush to his or her help, but I cannot realize that the fires of sin are already at work, destroying the souls of the people. I wish I could possess a passionate concern for souls.’”

Take courage. If you truly desire it and are prepared to take trouble you can acquire feeling, intense feeling, for it is a question of being awakened to realities.

The disciples were urging the Master to eat, as He was weary and in need of food, but He turned away and said ‘Look!’ as He pointed to a little procession of Samaritan men being led by a woman to that well-side. ‘Look at the fields, for they are white already to harvest.’ His soul-hunger for the people’s Salvation eclipsed all physical cravings.

Harvest fields calling for laborers are everywhere.

When people are made to feel that you love them, and exist for them, it will draw, it will attract, and they will flock to you. The great difficulty then will not be to get doors opened! So many doors will be flung open that the problem will be how to find time and strength to enter them all, and to answer the cries for help you will hear on every hand.

The responsibility, the need, will drive you to God for guidance, causing you to lay your plans before Him. And He never fails to impress upon the minds of those who seek Him the right course to take.”

This article was originally published in the February 2016 issue of YS. | Photo via The Salvation Army National Archives.

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