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Q&A with Sean Rodriguez

"I started writing songs in high school, and they were all terrible, but I kept at it, developed the skill, and always ensured God stayed at the center of it."

Sean Rodriguez is a Christian music artist who made his debut in 2023 with “Center Stage.”

PEER: How did you come to know Jesus? Did you grow up in the church? 

SEAN RODRIGUEZ: My grandfather has been a pastor for years—before I was even born—so I grew up knowing about Jesus. When I was younger, I saw that growing up in church and being a pastor’s grandkid was difficult; I let myself feel pressure and worried I wouldn’t live up to being “good enough” to be in a ministry family. Now that I’m older, I see what a blessing it was to be raised in church, and I understand the sacrifice my grandfather made to be in ministry. Today, God’s word is the foundation my life is built upon, and that has helped keep me on track more times than I can count. 

P: Did you always have a love for music? Have you always dreamed of being in music?

SR: Yes, and yes! I got into music through breakdancing. My friends and I were really into dance for a while, and then I thought it would be cool to make our music to dance to. That ignited my passion and dream to pursue growing as an artist. I started writing songs in high school, and they were all terrible, but I kept at it, developed the skill, and always ensured God stayed at the center of it. The work God allows me to do started years ago before I knew where He was taking me!  

P: Who and what are your musical influences?

SR: TobyMac, Jeremy Camp, For King & Country, and KB are probably my favorite artists and influences for a specific reason. Also, the Bible has so many great passages that can inspire songs. Most of my songs originate from a Bible verse God placed on my heart in that writing season. 

P: How does your relationship with God influence your music and songwriting? 

SR: My relationship with God is what makes the songs possible. God delivers the right words at the right moment, and when that happens, I know it’s the song that’s supposed to be made. Writing music that honors and praises Him starts with my relationship with God. 

P: What helps you remain rooted in your faith and relationship with God as you pursue your career?

SR: Go to church and PAY ATTENTION! Surround yourself with godly people. Be alert to situations that could cause you to slip and avoid them at all costs. Lastly, and this is often the most difficult, pray for God’s will to be done—even if it’s not your will—and serve Him wholeheartedly wherever He has you. When you are entirely in His will, things will test you, but He will always make a way. 

P: How do you maintain your faith? Do you have any tips for young people on how to pray?

SR: Pray for what you desire, but then pray for God’s desire to be first. Say to God, “Wherever You place me, I will serve You.” We tend to make faith and prayer about us. “What can God do for me?” or “God, I’ll make a deal with you.” We must remember that prayer and faith are about Him, not us. When you live your life based on what you can do for Him, you will make a more significant impact than you could imagine; your faith will be stronger than ever, and your prayer will have new power because you are praying that God will take place over your own. 

P: What advice do you have for young aspiring musicians?

SR: Know your purpose and put people first. Music is a ministry from a different platform. Your heart must be in the right place. God has a purpose for you; He has given you a special message that only you can deliver in your way, and a particular audience needs that message. Make your life all about that, and you will be successful in your calling. If you don’t know your purpose and don’t stay grounded in God’s calling, the highs and lows of pursuing a music career will drive you crazy, and you will not be effective.   

P: Do you have anything exciting in the works?

SR: Musically, I am more excited than ever … So YES! What will that be? Stay tuned!

P: What is a go-to self-care tip for when you’re overwhelmed?

SR: Go to the gym! Suppose you’re not into physical fitness, building muscle, or being more athletic. In that case, that is fine—everyone has their preference—but I have never met one person who likes feeling anxious, having a cloudy mind or having no energy throughout the day. The many benefits of working out are way underrated. The mental changes (scientifically proven) you will see from working out are worth every bit of what you put into it and more. For me, gym time has kept me calm in incredibly overwhelming situations. It has allowed me to release hurt in seasons of struggle and helped me feel even more confident in seasons of success. Throw on some headphones, pick up some weights, and spend time with God during that workout, then watch how your mental health increases exponentially. 

P: What are you currently listening to?

SR: There is a live version of “Take It All Back” by Tauren Wells that has been on my playlist consistently, and any song from Skillet tends to be on loop a lot. I also listen to podcasts to balance entertainment and personal growth. It’s essential to have both in life!

P: What Bible verse has been on your heart recently?

SR: Ephesians 3:20. It’s a POWERFUL verse that gives us the key to seeing things beyond what we could ever imagine happening and reminds us why those things are possible. Here’s a hint: It’s not because of what WE do, but because we believe in the God who can do the unbelievable. 

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