Meet Davrah

“The verse is about being thankful and expressing that gratitude to God. That’s what I want my heart to be like.”

Davrah attends The Salvation Army Centennial Corps in Centennial, CO, where she has lived her entire life. She is a senior in high school and has two sisters. When she graduates, she wants to go to college to become a psychologist. 

Davrah’s family stumbled upon The Salvation Army through the food bank. They began attending, and it soon became their church home. Her favorite church activity is teen night on Friday nights because she gets to hang out with her friends, learn about God and have a great time. 

Davrah accepted Jesus while she was volunteering for summer day camp. She was so overwhelmed by God’s presence that she could no longer deny that He is real. That experience changed her life forever. Once she was old enough, she started working at the High Peak Camp in Estes Park, CO. 

“Working at camp was the best experience of my life to date,” Davrah says. “It was so cool to be in such a spiritual atmosphere. The connections I made with the staff and campers were amazing. I went to camp as a child, so working there and seeing it from that perspective felt like coming full circle.” Davrah plans on working at camp again this summer.

Davrah loves “Firm Foundation” by Maverick City Music and her favorite Bible passage right now is Psalm 34. “David is basically talking about being faithful. Recently, I was asked to give my testimony and as I was reflecting on my life, the verse just spoke to me,” says Davrah. “It’s how I want my life to be. The verse is about being thankful and expressing that gratitude to God. That’s what I want my heart to be like.” 

What advice would Davrah give to her friends if they were questioning their faith? She says, “Right now, there is a lot of misinformation about Christianity and the Bible and the character of God. If you feel skeptical or if you’ve had a bad experience, put yourself in a position where you can learn either directly from the Bible or from someone you trust.” For Davrah, that trusted someone is her corps officer (pastor), Lt. Betty Vesikula. Davrah admires the strength of Lt. Betty’s faith and credits her with the development of her faith. “Without her,” Davrah says, “I wouldn’t be as strong in my faith as I am.”

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