Podcast Reviews

Emaniel Brifil reviews Holiness Podcast, Tampa Salvation Army Podcast and The Podcast with Knox and Jamie. By Emaniel Brifil

Getting into a new podcast might sometimes be the easy thing to do. Finding a podcast that makes a difference in your way of life, on the other hand, might be more of a challenge. Trying not to get drawn into “just another podcast,” this podcast will give you some great insight on what it means to walk it as you talk it when it comes to holiness. 

A benefit of adding “The Holiness Podcast” to your rotation is that it’s just once a month, so you don’t have to get rid of one of the other ones you currently enjoy. Lt. Colonel Vern Jewett has traveled all across the world teaching and preaching about holiness and what it means to be complete in Christ. Check it out and see if it’s something that improves your relationship with the One who created you. 

Each week, a new episode varies in a topic and sometimes even with speakers from the Tampa Salvation Army Church. It usually follows a sermon series pattern that explores God’s Word and gives action steps on how to live out your faith daily. Episodes include interviews with leaders, educators and experts in varying fields from across the world.

Do you ever catch a dose of #FOMO, the fear of missing out? I know I’ve been there before. Pop culture seems to find a way to consume our everyday life. Knox and Jamie provide a weekly dose of funny, informative, engaging topics that keep you up to date with the latest: the celebrity that’s going through it, the things that are trending on social media or even shows and movies that grabs their attention.

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