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Emaniel Brifil reviews Tiny Desk Concerts, Nice To Meet You and The Undecided Gen Z. By Emaniel Brifil

Do you ever notice the joy that one has for their favorite musician? Do you ever pay attention to the amount of people who walk past you wearing headphones and think, “I wonder what they’re listening to right now?” You’re probably listening to a podcast or some music as you read this review. Now you get to do two things at once: listen to music through a podcast. “Tiny Desk Concerts,” one of my greatest joys and something that I am thankful for this month, allows you to enjoy some of the world’s greatest musicians at work. Artists usually don’t like to be placed in a box, but in these small settings, they get tucked away in a zone and showcase their gifts with the rest of the world. The background story behind a few songs is what I am grateful for when I listen. 

Imagine getting transported to a space station. Sounds crazy, right? Professor Burkhead brings two unlikely creatures, usually an animal and a human, with intentions of unifying the two parties. With the craziness in our world, it would be interesting if this social experiment took place for us. It may give you some ideas on how to see another perspective and make the best out of it. 

We are filled with a lot of thoughts each day. It usually leads us into being indecisive and simply undecided in executing our plans. The “Undecided Gen Z” podcast covers all the topics under the sun. Ally and Theo do not shy away from the tough issues facing our society.

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