Podcast Reviews

Podcast reviews of The Battle Line, Tangible Grace and Jesus @ 2 AM. By Emaniel Brifil

In November 2020, The Salvation Army’s National Headquarters’ Publications and Program departments teamed up for a new podcast, The Battle Line. Hosted by Majors Matt (National Youth Secretary) and Jamie (Editor of Peer) Satterlee, the podcast revolves around conversations on the collision of faith, community, and culture. In each episode, they take a look at the world around through the lens of faith. Episodes include misconceptions on heaven and hell, love, dating & relationships, the mental health crisis, plus interviews with your favorite youth leaders around the country! They also dive deep into Salvation Army culture, like how appointment changes really happen, why we do summer camp, and programs aimed at young adult leaders, like Echelon. Come check us out wherever you listen to podcasts!

You may have heard the phrase that God will turn your mess into a message. Emma, the host, started this podcast by sharing her story while also highlighting new Scripture verses each week and sharing her insight on them. If you’re looking to start digging into the Word or memorizing a verse or two, this would be a good place to start. 

Thinking about waking up in the middle of the night and just wanting to talk to God? This podcast is all about having honest conversations with our Creator with some dry humor amidst the conversation as well. Instead of just grabbing Scripture and running with it, Kirk gives us the background story as well. Check it out and share it with your people. 

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