Meet Tyler

Tyler learns when he seeks out those quiet moments with just him and God, God gives him clarity and guidance.

“When I was six, my parents dragged me to church…” Can you relate?

Tyler could when he was introduced to the local Salvation Army corps (church) in his hometown.. But it didn’t take long for that feeling to change. Although excited to be a Junior Soldier (junior member) and get his first uniform, the reality of an authentic relationship with Jesus didn’t come until a few years later. His youth leader, Adam, discipled Tyler and helped him understand the need to take his faith seriously. Adam and different corps officers (pastors) poured into Tyler, helping Tyler to grow in his faith. 

It was this investment in his life that made Tyler want to do the same for others. He has worked at the Corps’ Learning Zone, an after-school program for students in elementary and middle school. In past summers, Tyler served at The Salvation Army’s Camp NEOSA, working recently with the Christian Education team, helping to create curriculum and teach kids about growing in their faith. Now 20, Tyler has been the leader of his corps’s (church’s) teen discipleship program, Corps Cadets, teaching younger teens about the Bible, Salvation Army history, leadership development and discipleship. 

Today, as a college freshman, Tyler studies Christian ministry with a specialization in family and youth ministry. In his classes, Tyler felt God teaching him about spiritual disciplines, specifically, “breath prayers.” While we don’t always have the time for a long conversation with God, we can take a quick second or minute to communicate with Him. One phrase that Tyler often prays is “Lord, give me peace,” reminding him that God is with him every step of the way. Our culture is a noisy place, always something to pull you away. But Tyler learns when he seeks out those quiet moments with just him and God, God gives him clarity and guidance.

Tyler hopes to serve as a youth pastor and pour into the lives of the next generation the way Adam poured into his. “If we don’t invest in the next generation of kids, there won’t be a next generation of the church. I want to do my part to make sure that the next generation of Christians are strong Christians with contagious faith.”

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