Meet Lucas

Growing up in a non-Christian household, 22-year-old Lucas now boldly lives for Jesus.

Born to two military parents, Lucas moved around quite a bit—in fact, at least 14 cities were called “home.” While his father attended The Salvation Army as a child, Lucas did not grow up in a Christian household.

Even without knowing Jesus, Lucas loved helping people. During one Christmas season, Lucas’s uncle, Auxiliary Captain John Gantner, invited Lucas and his dad to help with the red kettles. Lucas saw firsthand the joy The Salvation Army brings families and children. He started attending the Kroc Center in early 2018.

While sitting in the church pews on October 28, 2018, Lucas felt a nudge from God to go forward and pray—a singular moment he remembers as if it was yesterday. “I had to go up to the altar and lay down my burdens, confess everything and then pick up Jesus.” From that moment on, Lucas felt encouraged to serve others with intentionality—even while working at a pizza restaurant.

Lucas’s coworker was experiencing difficulty with her daughter who was more successful than her. Lucas shared with her what he read in the War Cry—“anger begets anger.” Those words impacted her, and the relationship with her daughter was transformed.

Through that opportunity, Lucas sensed God tugging his heart to become a Salvation Army officer (pastor)—a decision not made lightly. Lucas dropped everything—including college, with two credits shy of graduating. “The idea of being a pastor and helping people touch their basic spiritual level and not just helping them patch their wounds, started to fill me more.” In preparation to become an officer (pastor), Lucas served on a three-month-long summer mission trip in the urban areas.

Lucas is currently completing an internship with The Salvation Army, learning from Majors Jason and Mary Poff who have 22 years of experience. His father and mother have since dedicated their lives to Christ, and Lucas remains faithful to fulfilling God’s call on his life, too.

*Lucas claims 2 Timothy 1:7 as his favorite Bible verse: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.”

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