Living a “Soft Life Through Christ”

Emaniel Brifil reviews “Soft Life Through Christ,” "Girly Podcast" and "Girls Gone Bible." By Emaniel Brifil
Soft Life Through Christ
Girls Gone Bible

“Soft Life Through Christ”

In a world with selfish people, it can seem like we have to be “hardcore.” It’s not what we see in Scripture—and it’s not what you get from this podcast. The hosts give you a “behind the scenes” look at their life and their journey in faith and trusting God. They take time in engaging listeners around the world because that’s what God has told them to do. 

Sometimes taking a leap of faith is not easy, but when you are living a life for Jesus, it is worth it. One of the things that entices me to stay tapped into this podcast is the level of transparency they provide. Viewers can also check out their YouTube channel if you prefer to watch podcasts.


Do you ever see something online or overhear a conversation and wonder what others think about it? Ally, the host of this podcast, dives into topics that listeners want to know more about or situations they are going through. Ally welcomes all people to her judgment-free zone and shares her life.

“Girls Gone Bible”

Podcasts give you the opportunity to listen to new people who you may never get the chance to talk with in person. Ang and Ari are two amazing people who want people to know Jesus and to share Jesus with people. They give spaces to various guests who bring insight and knowledge to what it means to live for God. This is great for people who want to hear real stories and how you can apply it to your life.

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