“Grow You” Podcast

Emaniel Brifil reviews “Grow You” Podcast, “Through the ESV Bible in a Year with Jackie Hill Perry,” and “Together We Rise.” By Emaniel Brifil

“Grow You” Podcast

No matter how much you try to be good at things, life will be full of challenges. These challenges can often have young adults questioning their faith. Some may view challenges as a bad thing, but that’s not how you should view them. Things happen and sometimes those things are outside of your control; the true result is how you react to things that happen to you. 

Kiefer Honeycutt, the host, takes time to share some insightful tips and tricks on how to live your life and not just go through the motions. A few months ago, he talked about what it means to be “Fully Present” in episode six. Because life comes fast, some people don’t always spend time to be fully present. This podcast guides you through different things through personal stories, strategic processes to new habits and being a good person to everyone you meet.

“Through the ESV Bible in a Year with Jackie Hill Perry”

It’s the start of the second quarter but it’s not too late to read through the Bible in an entire year! Your part is to just hit play and listen to this podcast. Jackie Hill Perry reads several chapters of the Word of God daily. If you are looking to create a habit through repetition of reading God’s Word, here’s a place you can start.

“Together We Rise”

Peace is found in community. Experiencing things with other people helps you fully understand the things that matter most in life. This podcast dedicates a safe space for all people, but specifically geared towards women to remember they are not alone, and that they are better and braver together. They have guests from various walks of life who discuss their testimonies and tidbits on how to navigate this world in Christ.

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