“Good Plans” by Red Rocks Worship

“The chorus is familiar and admittedly, the song sounds like a typical song you would hear on a Christian radio station.” By Briauna Prieto

May signifies the end of a school year. For many, this can be exciting and even relieving. For others, it could bring anxiety for what’s to come. There’s no question that transition of any kind brings uncertainty and fear. We as Christians are blessed, however, because we worship a God who knows what’s coming next. “Good Plans” by Red Rocks Worship is a song that brought this reminder to me. It’s one of those songs that I’ve heard a million times, but never fully paid attention to. The chorus is familiar and, admittedly, the song sounds like a typical song you would hear on a Christian radio station. The lyrics, however, are impactful. They mainly revolve around quotations from Psalm 23, a chapter in the Bible that has given peace to so many of us. The part that has been stuck in my head is, “He has good plans for me, so I will take heart in deserts and gardens.” In all of the excitement and all of the unknown that this time can bring, we stand firm in the fact that we know our Father, and we know He has good plans.

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With words like, “My shield and my shelter, It’s my defense, I claim it over and over again,” this song reminds us that the blood of Jesus covers anything the enemy throws our way. I love the familiarity of referencing the well-known hymn “Nothing but the Blood” throughout the song.


Charity Gayle’s song, “I Speak Jesus,” has one of my favorite bridges in a worship song. I love the reminder that Jesus’ name alone covers a multitude of struggles we face daily, including addiction, anxiety and depression. There is peace and freedom in His presence.

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