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What Makes “Godzilla Minus One” Worth Watching

"Everything about the film is top notch." By Micah Trimmer

In the wake of the atomic bomb and a crushing defeat at the end of one of the largest wars that the world has ever seen, Japan faces yet another unprecedented disaster. Let me start by saying that in my personal opinion, “Godzilla Minus One” is the best Godzilla film that I have seen. I know that seems a bit hyperbolic, but I have never been as excited, engaged and entertained by the big lizard as I was after seeing this film. It’s not just a mindless movie about a giant monster crushing things; I was surprised to find a film full of emotional beats and attention to historical Japanese culture.

Despite its relatively small budget, everything about the film is top notch: the acting is engaging, the music is memorable, the story and characters are compelling, the effects are impressive and Godzilla itself is phenomenal. At the core of the film is Koichi Shikishima, a disgraced Kamikaze pilot struggling with the weight of his culture and the destitution of his country. As the plot progresses, he and others question whether the culture and country have treated life as expendable. Truthfully, this is a film about the sanctity of life disguised as a monster film. Sure, Godzilla still causes destruction and chaos, but it never overshadows the emotional message of the movie. Throughout Scripture, we can know that God created life and it is precious. God values your life.

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