“Fear is Not My Future” by Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin

Briauna Prieto reviews Maverick City Music, Andrew Ripp and Katy Nichole. By Briauna Prieto

As we head into September, a lot of us might be excited to welcome fall and say goodbye to the summer heat. With each new season comes transitions for a lot of us. Whether we’re experiencing a new school and/or school year, new church, new house or new job, this time of year brings change. Although change is scary, our fear is not what should consume us; God is. 

Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin’s song “Fear is Not My Future” talks about just that. The song reminds us to welcome peace, joy, love, strength and hope in our new seasons, encouraging us with the fact that God is not finished with what He’s started. With a typical build and repetitive lyrics, this song is easy to catch on to. It’s also full of long musical interludes that Maverick City incorporates into so many of their songs, giving plenty of room to have your own personal reflection during the song. At the end of this 10-minute work, the lyrics lead us to say goodbye to pain, fear, guilt, shame and the grave. To embrace our new horizons, we have to let the light in!



New beginnings mean new possibilities for God to move. “Fill My Cup” by Andrew Ripp is upbeat, positive and might even remind you of summer camp. Most importantly, though, it includes meaningful (and necessary) prayers to God, like “Fill my future with vision” and “Fill my plans up with purpose.”


“In Jesus’ Name (God of Possible)” by Katy Nichole reminds us that strength and endurance only come from the power of Jesus—power that is always ours! Although this song is slow, easy to follow and simple to learn, it contains a huge message, and could serve as a reminder to pray for others. 

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