6 Back-To-School Organization Tips To Try This Semester

School is back in session. Check out these tips tips that everyone can use to get organized and begin the semester on a positive note. 

School is back in session. Whether you’re a high school or college student, these are tips that everyone can use to get organized and begin the semester on a positive note. 

1. Use your planner wisely. 

Scroll through planner posts on Pinterest and TikTok. Find one planner wisely for every need in your life: school, work, appointments. Consider a planner (and its size) to include your to-do lists, events and reminders. 

2. Develop a routine early. 

While you can always start a routine at any time, organize a routine early on in the semester that works for you and stick to it (i.e., morning vs. evening study sessions, when you exercise, free time).  

3. Write everything down. 

And I do mean everything. Write test dates, assignment deadlines, study sessions—anything that comes up. When taking notes, don’t write only the notes on the board or PowerPoint slides, but also take notes from the class discussions.    

4. Color code everything. 

You do not need to have several highlighters to do this but it’s also helpful to know which assignments and exams are for which class. In notetaking, you can color code different key elements within your notes to help you study later. 

5. Keep a binder/folder for each class. 

Return to the back-to-school aisles in the stores because folders and binders help your papers stay organized. Perhaps though, most of your assignments will be done online; create folders on your computer for each class. 

6. Declutter When You Can. 

At the end of each semester (or month), clean out your backpack, declutter your digital space and organize any leftover papers that you have. Go into each new semester (and class schedule) with a fresh mind. 

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