Decorating on a Budget

Remix editor Sarah Micula talks decorating and dreaming this summer before everyone head back to school in the fall. By Sarah Micula

When I moved into my first off-campus apartment in Chicago, I was clueless and scared to decorate my own space for the first time. Based on what I’ve learned over the years (and eight Chicago apartments), here are a few low-cost, easy, DIY and stylish ways to bring comfort and character to your space!


To get the best home décor options, visit these sections: linens, books, and bric-a-brac i.e., crafts, floral, copper. These products are must-finds: tapestry prints (see picture), vintage tea towels, bandanas, yarn or sturdy string, greenery and little flowers, copper containers and thick, antique books. If you ever watch HGTV shows or follow lifestyle accounts on Instagram, you’ll know that all these looks are trending.

To create a reusable poster frame, measure the length and width of the linen, and then visit a hardware store and ask for a 1/4 by 1 1/8″ furring stripboard. Request they cut it down for you according to your linen measurements. Sand the edges, get some round half-inch magnets and glue them to the boards (make sure the opposite charges are glued correctly to the boards, so they don’t repel). Tie the ends with your yarn and now you have your very own DIY, reusable poster frame!


Happy decorating and dreaming this summer before you head back to school in the fall!


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