5 Reasons Some People Attend Youth Councils

Teens and young adults fill ballrooms and camp chapels across the country for a weekend retreat designed to foster deeper walks with Jesus. But an ulterior motive or two can also be what compels many to make the trek.

It is April, which means many of you reading this have likely attended a Youth Councils (YC) this year or will be soon. So, we have a definitive list of the top five reasons (besides spiritual growth) that people attend Youth Councils. We do not endorse these sus motives. This is a descriptive list, not prescriptive. But I think they ring pretty true in my experience. IYKYK. 

To Be Seen.

YC is a place for just about everyone under 35. Maybe you’ve developed a #reputation for having immaculate style or you’ve had a recent glow-up. Either way, you’ve worked hard to perfect your drip. Now it’s time to show the fruit of your labor to your friends from camp, divisional groups and your own corps (church). You might even give a tip to the chaperone who is just a tad too cheugy. 

The Day Trip.

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes YC can have the occasional outing, whether to a local theme park, skating rink or, in some locales, a good ol’ rodeo.  Nothing says youth revival meeting like watching monkeys race on the backs of pigs. Again, IYKYK. 

Showing Off Some Skillz.

Many divisions will have a youth band, drama troupe, mime company, hip-hop dance group, timbrel brigade or something else fun like that. YC can be the opportune time to, in front of the whole division, do something you are actually quite good at. And to give some bombastic side eye to anyone thinking timbrels are cringe. They most certainly are not. 

That Significant Someone.

Whether it’s a burgeoning long-distance relationship or a crush from back home, young love is a hallmark of YC. During the three days, maybe four, the clock starts ticking the second your 12-passenger van pulls up to registration. For YC attendees, the weekend is a chance to realize one’s untapped rizz, have that dtr, or, if smart, avoid the relationship game altogether and lean into their relationship with the Lord. 

Face Time.

For the chronically online, in-person time with your friends hits different. This one is admittedly not that sus. Vibing with people you see once a month, once a season and especially once a year is an invaluable opportunity to catch up on lost time. Our Army friends are often times our closest because they’re cut from the same polyester cloth. 

“Why Attend Youth Councils?”

Youth Councils are always a fun weekend for young people who attend The Salvation Army. Expect great speakers, worship, activities and wonderful memories to be made. 

“Coming together with people from different places to learn about Jesus and have some fun—it’s spectacular,” Peggy McGee says in a previous issue of Peer. Peggy is  the Youth Leadership and Resource Development Director at The Salvation Army Central Territorial Headquarters. “Any chance to come together and connect with others is my favorite. Also, there is usually an opportunity to dance, and I love a good dance party.” 

To find out more about Youth Councils in your area, contact your local Salvation Army.

Warm Up

A Christmas Eve storm in Catoosa, OK downed power lines and started a fire that resulted in gas service being turned off in the area. When service to one mobile home park was set to be turned back on, the line failed its pressure test. Work was immediately begun to fix the lines, but the estimated time frame for complete restoration was several weeks. 

57 households were left without gas for heating, cooking, showering and protection of water pipes with freezing temperatures expected. Many of those affected households lacked resources to recover or relocate during this period. 

The Salvation Army began support by providing space heaters and blankets to the affected families. As freezing temperatures continued, The Salvation Army partnered with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to provide hot meals. Catholic Charities provided food boxes to the families, and a shower has been opened at a nearby school and manned by volunteers. By Michelle Hartfield 

To read the full story, click here.

Hands On: How Serving Changed Lajada’s Perspective 

Lajada Myers first heard about Hands On, a summer mission team in the Eastern Territory, from her peers and mentors. But ultimately it was God who led her to sign up. “He was telling me that I needed to leave my hometown to go glorify His purpose,” Lajada says.  

Lajada served on the Hands On CAST Team in Costa Rica in the summer of 2023. Though she loved the entire experience, there was one service opportunity that stood out among the rest. “We had the opportunity to visit a childcare center,” Lajada explains. “Spending time with children who didn’t have a lot but were so grateful changed my mindset. We would feed them, play games with them and put them to sleep, and they were so happy that there were people out there who were spending time with them.” 

This experience of serving in the mission field gave Lajada the confidence to follow God’s calling. “It brings me comfort that I was able to do what He called me to do,” she explains. “I also now understand how grateful I am and should be to have the life that I have.” 

For anyone on the fence about signing up for a mission team, Lajada says, “Just do it! It can and will be scary and sometimes it will feel uncomfortable but the work that you are doing will bless so many people.”

International Day of Children and Young People 2024

Every April, The Salvation Army celebrates the International Day of Children and Young People. This year, The Salvation Army International will celebrate and pray for the young people of The Salvation Army on Sunday, April 28. Not only does this day give an opportunity for the Army to pray for young people, but also to create a space for them to participate in the mission of The Salvation Army. 

The theme for this year’s celebration is Grow. “The Bible talks a lot about growth,” according to The Salvation Army IHQ’s website. “The materials for this year feature Bible stories which show us what we need to grow spiritually and how God will build his Kingdom. It’s amazing to see how God’s Spirit enables all of us to grow our love for God and for others so we can shine as bright lights in this world.” 

The Korea Territory put together the materials for territories all around the world to use to celebrate the young people of The Salvation Army. 

Web Exclusive Cover features Firezone Youth in the New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory. Photo via The Salvation Army Youth NZFTS.

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