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9 Christian Hip-Hop Artists to Listen to This Fall

Need new music to listen to this fall? Check out these Christian hip-hop artists and their music they’ve released in the past two years. By Olivia Scherzer
Web Exclusive

Aaron Cole (@iamaaroncole)

In August 2019, Aaron Cole released his first full-length album “Not By Chance.” The 13 dynamic tracks illustrate the then-20-year-old’s story of growing up in poverty, working hard for his dreams and standing tall in his faith. Since then, he’s released multiple singles and his second album, “Two Up Two Down,” in 2021. His most recent single, “Glory,” released in May 2022. Check him out on tour this fall with Tauren Wells.

KB (@kb_hga)

KB is a Christian hip-hop artist who blends worship music with hip-hop. Some of his most notable singles include “Hold Me Back,” “No Chains” and “Church Clap” with Lecrae. In February 2022, he released “King Jesus” with Christian rapper nobigdyl.

Hulvey (@hulveyofficial)

Hulvey is a 22-year-old Christian rapper who released his first EP, “BRKNHRT,” in 2020. In 2021, he released two albums, “Christopher” and “COMA.” Some of his most popular songs include “Can’t Tell It All,” “Reasons” and “Holy Spirit.” The heart behind his album “Christopher” is about identity, Hulvey told Peer. “For people to be able to listen to it and hear who I am in Christ. And for them to be able to say, ‘Man, if he is confident in who he is in Christ, then I can be confident in who I am in Christ.’”  

Social Club Misfits (@socialclubmisfits)

Social Club Misfits is a Christian hip-hop duo from Miami, FL. The duo is comprised of two Christian rappers: FERN and Marty Mar. They formed their partnership in 2011 and released their first album in 2012, “Misfits.” Their most recent release, “Ain’t Playin’” released in 2021.

Wande (@omgitswande)

Born into a Muslim family, Wande’s only exposure to Christianity was from her mother. Today, 24-year-old Wande is the first female Christian rapper at Reach Records with her debut album, “Exit” releasing earlier this year. Some of her most popular singles include “Blessed Up,” “They Didn’t Know II” and “Don’t Worry Bout It.”

Nobigdyl (@nobigdyl)

Nobigdyl, or Dyllie, is a Christian rapper. Some of his most recent singles include “CECE,” “close” and “WILLY.” His most recent single, “King Jesus,” with KB, released in May 2022.

Tedashii (@tedashii)

Tedashii is an American Christian hip-hop artist and member of the hip-hop troupe, 116 Clique. His albums include “Kingdom People,” “Identity Crisis,” “Blacklight, “Below Paradise” and “Never Fold.” His latest release, “Mirror Talk,” released in March 2022.

Andy Mineo (@andymineo)

Andy Mineo is an American Christian hip-hop artist and member of Reach Records’ hip-hop collective 116 Clique. Some of his most popular songs include “Coming in Hot” (with Lecrae), “Been About It” and “You Can’t Stop Me.” His most recent album released in 2021, “Never Land II.”

Ty Brasel (@ty_brasel)

Ty Brasel is a Christian rapper/hip-hop artist. In 2021, he released his third album, “Destiny: Vol. 1.” In May 2022, he released his single, “GOD IS THE BEST,” featuring 1K Phew.

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