6 Cozy Hobbies to Try This Winter

Looking for a new hobby? Here are a few cozy hobbies to try this winter.

Hobbies are great activities that you can do to reduce stress and bring joy into your life. It’s a great way to find things that make you happy. Looking for a new hobby? Here are a few cozy hobbies to try this winter. 

1. Knitting

Teach yourself how to knit, crochet, embroider or sew. You can typically find a pattern online or at your local craft store that you can follow along with. And hey—you can even sew or knit your own clothes! 

2. Playing an instrument 

Even if you’re not musically inclined!  Teach yourself how to play the piano, guitar or any other instrument. You never know—you may unlock a hidden talent. 

3. Journaling 

Journaling is a great tool to stay in touch with your feelings and emotions. You can also start an art journal, scrapbook or bullet journal where you track not only your emotions/feelings, but also plan your meals, record significant events in your life, rate your favorite movies, keep track of what you’re reading and more.  

4. Baking 

Bake anything and everything. The winter is perhaps the coziest time to bake when everyone is inside. Bake a sweet treat for your friends, church or a local shelter. 

5. Playing video games 

Who said playing video games can’t be a hobby? Try a new video game and see if you like it. Pick a cozy, relaxing game that can ease your mind when feeling stressed. 

6. Coloring 

You can do this hobby while you’re watching TV or hanging out with friends. Grab a coloring book and preferred coloring tool (coloring pencils, markers, crayons) and start coloring. This can be a fun hobby to do with friends or by yourself when you’re feeling stressed.

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