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10 Fun Date Ideas

Grab your date and try some of these fun ideas! By Kyle and Kayla Reardon

Hey, everyone! Kyle and Kayla here, a married couple to give you some fun tips and ideas on dating. But FIRST! Here’s a hot tip: If you’re in the nerve-wracking situation of trying to figure out what to do on an “early date” (like a first, second, or third date), skip the normal stuff like getting coffee or just a movie somewhere. A great way to get to know a new person, and avoid those awkward conversation gaps that can happen on a first or second date, is to do an activity that really requires action, or a fun challenge for you to overcome together. Be active! Be creative! Don’t just sit there and list your favorite bands. Grab your date and try some of these fun ideas! And no, these don’t have to just be for people early in a relationship; we still go on dates like these all the time.

1. Seasonal Fruit Picking

Kayla: It’s a classic for a reason! This fun date idea gets you outside in the fresh air, and lets you walk, talk, and have some fun—not to mention, the incredible fruits and veggies you get to go home with after, since nothing beats local and in-season.

2. Visit An Arcade

Kayla: Take a trip to an arcade and have some friendly competition! Kyle and I like to go on half-price days and set a limit for ourselves—$15, say—and see how much fun we can have on it. It’s also a great option if you’ve got yourself a “date- plus-our-younger-siblings” situation on hand.

3. Farmers’ Market Dinner Date

Kyle: If your area has any kind of local farmers’ market or open air market, try going there with a little bit of cash and challenge yourselves to create an entire meal from only ingredients you pick up on hand! It’s a fun way to connect locally and be creative with your meal. Recruit taste testers out of your parents, siblings, or friends!

4. Geocaching & Hiking

Kyle: There are tons of websites with lists of places where people have hidden “geocaches” in your area. Geocaches are little treasure boxes in places like public parks where you take a trinket and leave a trinket. All you need are the clues they give you, and a GPS app on your smartphone!

5. Volunteer Together

Kayla: Volunteering together is such a great way to get to see your someone special in a new light, and working together on a project that gives back is one of the best ways to build memories together. Plus, you’ll be helping other people, which is never a bad way to spend your time.

6. History Walks & Small Museum Tours

Kyle: Not just for big cities—every town has a small museum, science or art center, or bit of history that’s waiting to be explored. Some of our favorite stops have been just wandering about museums together, learning things we would have otherwise never known. Also, as small museums are less busy, you might get some great one-on- one information from the staff.

7. Game Night

Kayla: Kyle and I play a lot of games together; there are plenty of board games designed for two people (we like Splendor, Lost Cities, and Dropmix). Board game night is also a fantastic group date-night activity. This can even work if you’re dating long distance—you can’t beat video gaming together. Kyle and I used to play games like Civilization when we lived on opposite coasts. It’s a great way to talk and do the same activity together.

8. Group Dates

Kyle: The more, the merrier. Bring a group out to an activity together! Bowling, mini golf, and go-karting places often have special rates for students, groups, or special events, so be sure to check ahead of time.

9. Corn Mazes & Escape Rooms

Kyle: Nothing builds teamwork like desperately trying to figure out which way is north based on the sun’s position in the sky when you’re trapped in a corn maze. All joking aside, this seasonal event includes walking, fresh air, and usually some fun refreshments when it’s all said and done. If you’re up for an indoor adventure, Escape Rooms are a great way to embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes and have fun working together on a fast-paced mission.

10. Sports Night

Kayla: You don’t have to shell out money for big-league tickets at the NBA or NFL. Have some athletic fun at a minor league, women’s league, or college sporting event. Tickets are usually substantially cheaper, and you can have some fun seeing a sport that you’ve maybe never seen before. Tennis, volleyball, and soccer are all VERY interactive for fans.

BONUS: IKEA Hack Night

If you’re lucky enough to live near an IKEA or similar furniture store, here’s our personal favorite (and totally weird) date night: IKEA Hack Night. Visit a store, and think about all the ways you could re-purpose IKEA items—a bookshelf becomes a bench, a spice rack becomes a photo frame, etc. Bonus: food at IKEA is pretty good, so you can make a dinner date out of it.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2018 issue of YS.

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