January 2019

January 2019 – Not the Same Old Same Old. Unplug & Connect. Hearing that Heals.

A New “Do”

I’ve never really had a drastic haircut—except once. A cute bob was my usual go-to, but come high school, I dared to trust my hairdresser with something “new.” I emerged from the salon feeling as light as a feather with half of my hair left on the floor behind me.

Walking into school the next day, I felt the glare of students. Some smiled. Some giggled. Some even winked! The heat of embarrassment rose up my neck like a blazing fire. Turns out I had a pixie cut before pixie cuts were considered cool—not everyone liked it.

It’s not always easy to try something new. People will stare at it. They may laugh behind its back. Some might even wink. But when the motivation for change isn’t about looking good or trendy but about following God’s lead to reach a generation, then that’s not just a change—it’s an innovation.

Captain John Roberts was a definite innovator. He held the first meeting for young people in The Salvation Army on July 30, 1880—all because there was no room for a child who stood outside the door of a packed church. He dared to do something new. As a result of that meeting, the work with children spread so rapidly that news about it merited the first youth publication of The Salvation Army—The Little Soldier, with Captain Roberts as the editor.

You’re holding the first issue of a brand-new publication. Justlike Captain Roberts, our motivation for this change is to welcome a generation in. Consider this your invitation to join the Peer community. My prayer is that Peer will be your companion and ignite conversation on topics of faith, community, and culture.

After writing his first article for The Little Soldier, Captain Roberts penned these words in his diary—words that I echo as we embark on this new journey:

 “God give me wisdom, and may The Little Soldier bring thousands into the light.”

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