Life’s busy and we want to help you make reading the Bible a priority. The Bible is full of rich wisdom and helps us know the heart of God.

By Your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path. 
(Psalm 119:105, The Message)

So, why procrastinate? Here’s a great way to get you started. Written by Justin and Courtney Rose, Deeper helps our heart focus on what God has to say in His Word.

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April 2020: Outsiders – Our People

The outsiders had the perspective needed to truly see what Jesus’s mission in the world was.


March 2020: Intentional Conversations

Jesus shows that women are capable of critical theological engagement of the Gospel.


February 2020: The Proverbs 31 “Woman”

The woman is a character presented at the end of the book of Proverbs who has her life completely put together.


January 2020: Only God Can Judge Me

Although morality, there is an absolute truth and way of holy living laid out by Jesus in the Gospels.


December 2019: Turn The Other Cheek

Jesus encourages us to find creative, active and nonviolent ways to assert our humanity and show others God’s love.


November 2019: Bald Prophets and Bears

We often quote the blessings of obedience to God, but forget the curses promised to those who reject obedience.


October 2019: The Beauty of Holiness

Not by our own strength do we have the opportunity to experience holiness, because God is holy.


September 2019: Worship That Lingers

There is a story that takes place in all four gospels about a woman who pours perfume on Jesus’ feet.


August 2019: Spontaneous Worship

Justin and Courtney help us aim to be people who are led by the Spirit and who worship the Lord in truth.


July 2019: When Idols Creep In

God once used idols our good, but they could now hinder us from a true and full understanding of Him.


June 2019: Redefining “Masterpiece”

When Jesus saves us, we are saved into a community of Christ and the body of redeemed believers.


May 2019: There’s More to Hell

Put our confidence in God alone who grants justice and draws the outcast into the community as beloved.


April 2019: Women With a Mission

The world does not believe the poor and lowly, but Jesus continues to appear to entrust, validate, and believe them.


March 2019: Who Do You Hang With?

We befriend the friendless, love the difficult and see the unseen because Jesus calls us to.


February 2019: Redefined Prayer

Prayer can take many forms. Jesus even taught us to pray in a similar format when He gave us the Lord’s Prayer.


January 2019: New Year, New You

Every new year, we hear about the importance of making resolutions, but what about the people that have already been made new in Christ?