What To Bring When Thrifting

When shopping at thrift stores, it’s helpful to be prepared with essential items for a more efficient and enjoyable experience. Some of those items include: By Genevieve Lalanne

1. Pen and Notebook

Make a shopping list to avoid impulse purchases. Write down your sizes and take notes on items you’re interested in. Make sketches if you’re looking for home decor and furniture. 

2. Measuring Tape

Sizes can be inconsistent. A measuring tape is helpful to check whether items will fit you properly. 

3. Payment Options

Be prepared with cash and card payment options.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands clean during and after shopping.

5. Small Flashlight

A flashlight can help examine items in dimly lit areas of the store and check for flaws. 

6. Tide-To-Go Pen

Clothing items may become stained. A Tide-To-Go pen can help detect if the stain will come off in the laundry. 

7. Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

Wear easy-to-remove clothing and shoes when trying on at the store.

8. An Open Mind

Thrifting requires patience. Being open-minded can help you discover unexpected treasures.

Did you know The Salvation Army’s Family & Thrift Stores help fund local community services ranging from substance abuse treatment to feeding hungry families? Learn more about the mission behind the stores here.

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