Video Game Review: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

TABS allows you to make your own custom battles. It is incredibly fun, and the possibilities are endless. By Chris Clark

Put Your Armies to the Test in this Battle Simulator

“Totally Accurate Battle Simulator” (TABS) uses over-the-top ragdoll physics to create battle simulations that include a wide variety of both mythical and historical characters. As I’m writing this review, TABS is currently in “Early Access”—meaning it’s not yet considered complete and doesn’t have the full selection of military units available. Besides that, TABS is incredibly fun and already feels worth the $15. Based on how enjoyable the game is already, I am extremely excited to come back and see the content that will be added in the future.

TABS has two main ways to play: the campaign mode and the sandbox mode. The campaign mode consists of a series of tactical challenges. In these challenges, each military unit is assigned a point value as their cost. You are allotted a set amount of points to spend in order to build an army that can defeat your opponent. While the main appeal is the cartoon silliness, I found that these campaign scenarios had a surprising amount of strategic depth and left me feeling satisfied any time I solved a particularly difficult challenge.


The sandbox mode removes all the limitations on gameplay and allows you to set up any fantasy battle you want. I am particularly fond of the Vikings. I enjoyed watching an armada of Viking Longships battle against fantasy creatures like Minotaurs and Valkyries. Making your own custom battles is incredibly fun, and with the dozens of units to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, the game is funny and lighthearted. While it is a battle simulator, the violence is more cartoonish than realistic, and is similar to animations from “Looney Tunes.” All the units have big googly eyes, make silly noises and due to their ragdoll physics, often end up getting stuck in silly poses or doing unexpected flips.

“Making your own custom battles is incredibly fun, and with the dozens of units to choose from, the possibilities are endless.”

Even though I haven’t finished playing the game, I already feel confident recommending it to anyone wanting to add some silliness and fun, tactical challenges to their life. If you’re looking for a lighter gameplay experience that will bring a smile to your face, then you can’t go wrong here.

Peer Rating: 4/5

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