Video Game Review: Star Wars: Squadrons

"Join the illustrious ranks of Vanguard Squadron within the Rebel Alliance or the chosen few of the Empires Titan Squadron." By John Beck

The “Star Wars” label has had its ups and downs with EA. We experienced the pay-to-win schemes of “Battlefront II” and the exceptional story driven “Fallen Order.” With an extreme gap in quality of “Star Wars” games, I am delighted to report that Squadrons (released October 2, 2020) ranks high! Squadrons sets out to be a flight simulator experience inside the most iconic starships of the franchise. Join the illustrious ranks of Vanguard Squadron within the Rebel Alliance or the chosen few of the Empires Titan Squadron.

This game plays exceptionally smooth with each model of starship handling differently. Squadrons does an exceptional job portraying the agility and lethality of the franchise warships. The game presents with two primary multiplayer game modes, Dogfight and Fleet Battles. Dogfight is an intense 5 on 5 slugfest of pilot versus pilot, while Fleet Battle is a tug of war between the Squadrons trying to destroy each other’s Capitol ships.

The visuals that the game offers are cinematic quality. This game offers the most immersive starfighter simulator I have ever played. You will need to balance power output of your starfighter shifting between engines, lasers and shields. You can even direct your shields to a specific part of your ship. Communication with your team is vital with the support class of starship offering incredible buffs to your team.

The learning curve in this game is incredibly steep, however, an experienced player with even just 10 hours of flight time, will absolutely outclass a player with only three. You will need to stay with this game and put some effort into learning more maneuvers. Your first 10 hours with this game will be your worst in this game. Power through and you will be rewarded greatly for your effort.

As the game does not offer many multiplayer game modes yet, I cannot give it a perfect score, even though it checks all the boxes of an amazing game. I also believe that if EA does stick with this game it can be something special for every “Star Wars” games. 4/5!

*Released on October 2, 2020

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