Video Game Review: Magic The Gathering

Paper Cards now in Pixel, and the action is better than ever. ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ By Chris Clark

“Magic: The Gathering Arena” is the latest digital iteration of “Magic: The Gathering” (MTG), the original trading card game. MTG is a strategy card game set in a fantasy universe full of elves, dragons, angels, zombies, merfolk and many other creatures. Players build their own decks from the cards in their collections, making for an unparalleled level of customizability and ensuring that each match is a unique and exciting experience. 

MTG Arena replicates the real-world experience of opening randomized booster packs of cards and building your own decks. Arena is a free-to-play game and starts players out with a handful of simple decks as a foundation for their digital collection. From there, you can either spend real money to purchase gems (the premium in-game currency), or you can complete in-game quests in order to earn the free-to-play in-game currency (gold). 

Players open packs of cards and take turns picking which cards they will use in each event. This helps keep gameplay fresh and adds a more exciting way to acquire more cards for your collection, as you get to keep every card you pick in a draft.

MTG is traditionally played using paper cards, meaning that much of the excitement of the gameplay comes from the imaginations of the players. When you play a giant dinosaur, it roars. If a mighty dragon enters play, it spreads its wings and spews fire. Fireballs fly across the battlefield, making each new strategic play feel just a little bit flashier and cooler.

“‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ stands as a fantastic digital adaptation of one of the best games ever made.”

MTG has a vibrant and friendly community of players and content creators who produce entertaining media with new deck ideas and information on how to become a better player. Watching your favorite MTG YouTuber or streamer can be almost as fun as the game itself.

“Magic: The Gathering Arena” stands as a fantastic digital adaptation of one of the best games ever made. This innovative new format is a wonderful way to celebrate MTG’s recent 25th anniversary. If you enjoy strategic gameplay, fun fantasy tropes and the joy of collecting cards, make sure to check out MTG Arena.

Peer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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