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Video Game Review: Civilization VI

A great time with friends, multiple fun scenarios to run and you will not regret the purchase. By John Beck
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Sid Meier’s classic turn-based grand strategy game comes to console in a triumphant return! Gone are the days of the watered-down “Civilization Revolution”—this sixth edition of the classic game shatters expectations with its multi-platform release! This game plays and looks fantastic, providing the same experience the historic franchise is built on, with the required dip of efficiency of control. That drop in efficiency, however, will not be noticeable on your screen as you’ll be absorbed into the game saying the famous line, “Just one more turn.”

The game launches on the council with some of the bonus civilizations that the game’s launch did not have. However, my favorite civilization to play is Rome and the splendid uniqueness of every civilization, including Rome, is adequately captured. Rome has access to its famed Legions and a unique aqueduct district called the Bath. Trajan leads the Romans and his special ability focuses on roads and trading posts. Every civilization will follow this pattern, have two unique things from the Civilization as a whole and include a leader’s ability that was unique to their reign. The game offers multiple ways to win and you can play around with different Civilizations and win scenarios.

The visuals in this game are fun and often not too serious; animations and tone seem to be geared to a younger audience. The audio can at times be repetitive. Each civilization has a theme that has different versions which correspond with the era that you are in. These will be repetitive unless you pay diplomatic visits to other countries. It seems when you get to the diplomacy screen for America, your theme will then play when you leave the diplomacy screen.

All in all, the game checks all the boxes for me. A great time with friends, multiple fun scenarios to run and you will not regret the purchase. 5 out of 5 and it is always okay for just one more turn!

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Peer Rating: 5/5

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