The Perfect Jacket = A Game-Changer

You can put a jacket over anything you want. You can find one at your local Salvation Army thrift store. By Abigail Merritt

A good jacket makes any outfit. It doesn’t even have to look “good,” but if you put a cute jacket over it, you are good to go. Jackets are a good way to stand out and be different. The options are endless when shopping for them. Jackets are in style every season!

When shopping for a jacket at a Salvation Army thrift store, you have to be aware of the wear and tear of them. Because of the material lots of jackets are made of, they can fall apart if you wear them over and over, so always check the whole jacket for holes and missing buttons. Putting that aside, you can find some killer jackets at the thrift store. This is the time to look for pieces that none of your friends have. You can put a jacket over anything you want! You can find casual, formal, winter or light jackets at any thrift store.

You’ll never get tired of a good jacket. It will always be in hand when you walk out of the door, and you will be coming back every season to the thrift store for more!

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