Q&A: Tauren Wells

A well-known name in your Christian playlist. This Grammy-nominated artist always tries to remain close to God, no matter what comes his way.

Tauren Wells is a well-known name in your Christian playlist. His chart-topping singles, like “Known” and “God’s Not Done With You,” made their way onto the U.S. Hot Christian Songs Chart. This Grammy-nominated artist always tries to remain close to God, no matter what comes his way.

PEER: Describe your songwriting process. What inspires you?

TAUREN WELLS: I see songwriting as a process of excavation. Getting still and quiet long enough to unearth what God is doing in our hearts. There is always something happening on a soul level but we are seldom quiet enough to hear it, wrestle with it, and perhaps write down what God is teaching us. Songwriting puts me in that place. Digging deep and bringing something up to the surface. A big part of my process is bringing those thoughts and ideas to my friends and co-writers to continue to shape and craft the songs. I love collaborating. It’s challenging and inspiring. 

P: Who are your musical influences?

TW: My parents, particularly my dad exposed me to a lot of great music and artists. Currently, I’m inspired by the work of my peers across all genres. I listen to a lot of worship music, country, and Christian Hip-Hop. Some of my favorite rap and hip-hop artists right now are GAWVI, 1KPhew, Zauntee, Davies and Aaron Cole.

P: If you could go back to your college self, what would you tell him?

TW: I would tell myself to not sacrifice purity on the altar of immaturity. Of course, when we think of purity, we think of sexual purity and that would apply well here. But purity is a deeper issue than that. I would tell myself to value a pure heart, pure motives and a pure love for Jesus above all else. Certainly above the pursuit of acceptance, affirmation and attention. 

“I think we truly honor and value God by studying Him, searching out His mysteries, which leads to loving Him all the more.”

P: How do you remain close to God while you’re performing, working and making music?

TW: I try to stay in God’s Word and in prayer. Not looking for another song idea or sermon but to know God more and more. I think we truly honor and value God by studying him, searching out his mysteries, which leads to loving him all the more. 

P: In the midst of COVID-19, young people are faced with fear, discouragement and disappointment. What word for you have for young people in the global COVID-19 pandemic today?

TW: Just remember that the truth is greater than the facts. The facts are real but the truth raises our eyes to gaze upon a greater reality. The reality that fear, sickness and death no longer have the final word, for Jesus has given us a love that breaks the back of fear, a power that presents the antidote for every disease, and a promise beyond death; life forever with Jesus. Paul said it like this (in Romans 8:18, NIV): “our current suffering isn’t worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed in us.” So when we don’t have the answers we trust that The Answer is holding us.  

P: Got anything exciting in the works?

TW: I always have something exciting in the works. 

P: What’s a Bible verse that sticks with you through thick and thin?

TW: Right now it’s Mark 5:1. It says “So they arrived at the other side of the lake.” This short verse is packed with the reality of God’s faithfulness. In Mark 4, we find Jesus and disciples in a storm. Apparently a terrible storm that shook even some the most experienced fisherman to their core. But after Jesus calms the storm Mark writes, so casually, that they arrived at the other side of the lake. It reminds me of that scripture in Genesis, “and he made the stars also.” CASUAL. God’s power seems to be emphasized somehow by the lack of emphasis in the writing in the text. It tells me that God is just that good, that powerful, that…in control. That His great works are mentioned in a tone as subtle as a footnote. It reminds me that we will make it to other side of whatever we are facing right now. And we almost won’t realize it when we have. What seemed so big, so impossible, will become something of a footnote in the grand scheme of this glorious life we have found in Christ.

P: How did you come to know Jesus? 

TW: I was filled with the spirit at a church camp in 1996! I’ve never looked back.

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