Podcast Reviews

Emaniel Brifil reviews Everything Everywhere, Gen-Z Mon-E and The Gen Zero Podcast. By Emaniel Brifil

This podcast is one of the best podcasts that I have listened to in a long time. As a life-long learner, I enjoy learning interesting facts, not to make myself seem smarter than others around, but to keep my brain activity functioning at a high level.  

I am sure we’ve all had moments when the conversations die out or go to that awkward quiet state. Well, fear not. You can check out this podcast to learn some new facts about history, science, geography and culture. You will dive into one episode and just won’t stop listening. It’s really that mind-stimulating.   

Check it out or send this to the “know it all” friend or family member that you think would enjoy learning new things that have impacted this world. Each episode is full of information that will blow your mind. 

Getting messages about investing and “getting rich quick” are all too common in the world of social media. But we also see stories of people who have been scammed out of personal finances, life savings and confidential information. James and his guests share their experience and expertise on how to earn, invest and sustain your finances.  

Healthy conversations are not always the outcome of today’s most notable topics. When you hear these guys share their passion and heart for some of the toughest issues in the world, interviewing individuals who everyone may not agree with or just sharing what’s on their heart, you’ll see it’s possible to have intellectual discourse with those you love the most. Find ways to have the hard discussions, in love, with others. 

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