Podcast Review: “Saving Money For College”

This podcast provides tips for college students to afford paying for school. It can alleviate stress. By Devonte Lawson

The Planet Money podcast provides tips for college students to afford paying for school. Most college students have the fear of student loans and may not be able to pay all of the money back. Lauren Neuwirth was in that same position of not having enough money for school. Colleges and universities can force the average college student to choose debt as a financial option. At first it may seem sweet to have companies lending you money, but it’s hard to remember that money is not yours to keep. If we are like Lauren, many of us contemplate going to the U.S. Army because they often advertise they’ll pay for your tuition. If the military is not your niche and you prefer the college experience, this podcast can be a resource for you. Financial freedom is a goal for most of us, and it can alleviate stress.

“The Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs”

This podcast is 100 percent motivation. It can be easy to feel unmotivated or unsuccessful every day. Have you ever looked at the next person and wondered, “How come I’m not doing as good as them?” Host Dana Wilde makes us realize that we should focus on how individually unique we are, and that we should use that in our craft.

“The Empowered Life”

Have you ever been through a traumatic life event? One of the most important ways to recover is proper grievance. The host, Teri Holland, shares a personal grievance she had to overcome. She also offers helpful resources to help with grieving.

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