Podcast Review: Pep Talks! With Barb & Sav

This podcast made us think about the friends in our lives and the memories we continue to create. By Devonte Lawson

This podcast creates a very interesting conversation about friendship, a common core value among young people with unique triggers. Barb, one of the co-hosts, mentions how important it is to understand the personalities of our friends, which will help you maintain a healthy relationship.

If you have a damaged friendship that you desperately want to heal, this podcast is for you. If you consider friendship as a core value in your life, this podcast will cater to that belief. If you desire to have friends, but don’t know how to find the right person, this podcast provides some insight.

This podcast made me think about the friends in my life and the memories we continue to create. 

Everything with Jenna

In this podcast episode, Jenna talks about adulthood. You know you’ve hit adulthood when you begin saying the same things your parents told you as a kid. All of the freedom we desperately wanted as a child is not at all as it seems.

Physical Therapist Secrets

How many of you stretch regularly? In our 20s, we feel like our bodies are indestructible! As we age, our bodies seem to remind us that we are not as young and fit. Check out the Physical Therapist Secrets podcast for tips on how to take care of yourself. Remember, health is wealth.

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