Podcast Review: Human Trafficking Must End

Devonte Lawson reviews "Beyond Risk & Back," "Project Management Insights," and "Just 1 Thing." this month. By Devonte Lawson

Each year in the U.S., nearly 300,000 people are victims of human trafficking. This has become a billion-dollar industry that should be examined heavily and stopped. Human trafficking includes kidnapping, forced physical labor, commercial sex and so much more. This podcast, “Beyond Risk & Back,” explores human trafficking and includes risk factors that may lead to human trafficking, as well as how to be more aware. In your city, human trafficking might not have a prevalent presence. Maybe your life is so busy that you aren’t noticing young people and adults being abducted. Personally, this podcast is really resourceful because I live in an area where it is severe! On top of that, I work with many young people, so this podcast will provide the knowledge and awareness I need. Let’s all play a part to stop human trafficking!

“Project Management Insights”

Do you have a mentor? Do you have someone who you trust to coach and teach you? This podcast describes the importance of mentoring. You may question, “Why is mentoring so important?” Think of the next generation that could benefit from your knowledge. But also, look towards the generation ahead of you and seek the wisdom they have to offer.

“Just 1 Thing”

Hosts Brad and Lisa address why patience is vital. Many of us want to rush our journey and may consider ourselves as overachievers or see patience as totally pointless. If you’ve ever asked why patience is important, this podcast will provide some answers.

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