Music Review: @larysajaye

Damien Horne reviews music artists Larysa Jaye, Influencers Worship, and Highside Music this January. By Damien Horne

Larysa Jaye (@larysajaye) is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and is as eclectic as they come. This Kansas City native has a background that spans from gospel to soul to R&B—and more! Her influences are Christian artists like Carmen, Fred Hammond, Helen Baylor and Out of Eden. As she developed as an artist, she also fell in love with powerhouse R&B vocalists like Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston.

After her family relocated to the “songwriting capital of the world” (Nashville), songwriting was a new tool that Larysa would add to her arsenal. Larysa is taking Music City by storm, working with artists like Grits (a Christian hip-hop duo) and Sir Kevin Max (from DC Talk). Keep your eyes open for this rocket to soar to new heights in the very near future! By Damien Horne 

“These believers use their individual abilities and talents to go out and win souls for the Kingdom.”


Influencers Worship is a worship movement of influencers across the U.S. and Australia. This group is more than a worship team—it’s a way of life! These believers use their individual abilities and talents to go out and win souls for the Kingdom. Follow them on Instagram and become a part of the tribe.


The founding members of Highside Music (Nathan Lee, Van Beasley and Johnathan Lewis Davis) have been volunteering in correctional facilities for over 20 years, all while maintaining full-time music careers. They’re on a mission from God to touch the hearts and souls of inmates on death row. Talk about the frontlines of ministry! Follow, pray for and support their calling!

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