Music Review: Fully “Known” and Fully Loved

"Known" by Tauren Wells taps into the wonderment of agape love that God possesses. By Damien Horne

The song “Known” by Tauren Wells immediately grabs your attention. Its familiar pop sound is reminiscent of artists like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. It has a simple electric guitar and a progression that sets up a conversant foundation for the lyrics and melody. The opening lyrics, “It’s so unusual it’s frightening. You see right through the mess inside me” puts the listener in a space of vulnerability from the very start. The song continues by wrestling with the fact that one can be fully known and loved simultaneously. The lyrics are delivered in an almost conversational way which allows the listener to quickly grasp (and relate to) the theme.

“Known” taps into the wonderment of agape love that God possesses. Every time I listen to this song, it reminds me of the simplicity of this truth and how paramount it is to our fellowship with God. Tauren’s tone and vocal ability beautifully showcase the tenderness of this emotion. I realize some people do not particularly like Christian songs that can be interchangeable with the love of a person instead of God; however, with this song, I believe that it’s God Himself who fully loves and knows us.

“‘Known’ taps into the wonderment of agape love that God possesses.”


Royce is a dynamic artist I had the pleasure of seeing live in Nashville, TN at a local club called “The 5 Spot.” His style has a unique fusion of hip-hop, rock and soul. I was blown away by his catchy, yet conscious songwriting style. Be sure to download his music!


Ashton is an up-and-coming Christian artist with a passion for worship! This multi-instrumentalist can be seen singing God’s praises in various ways. Whether singing at his church, youth events or through his social media, Ashton boldly proclaims the gospel through his music. Check out his single “Faithful!”

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