Movie Review: Artemis Fowl

Disney+’s adaptation of this classic novel takes an interesting approach to its level of acting, world-building and plotline. By Micah Trimmer

Rating: PG
Service: Disney+

When the mysterious and lucrative father of a bored boy genius disappears, mystical mayhem ensues and a world of magic unfolds. Adapted from the classic series of novels, “Artemis Fowl” is an interesting, yet heavily-flawed endeavor. While there’s nothing offensive within the movie, it’s a tough watch, even with high profile talent such as Judi Dench and Josh Gad. The acting from some of the young cast is rough, the world-building is minimal and confusing, the plot is incredibly thin and there is virtually no character development for any of the characters. Much of the movie feels like important sections were cut out, leaving the movie to jump from scene to scene with little to no explanation as to how they got there. I really believe that “Artemis Fowl” would have been much better served as a series, rather than a full theatrical feature; this would allow the story to move along at a much better pace and allow the audience to better understand who these characters are and what they really want. If there is nothing else to watch on TV, you can give “Artemis Fowl” a try, but I can’t say that it was my cup of tea.

Asset 2_5_stars@4x

Peer Rating: 2/5

Magic for Humans

Rating: TV-14
Service: Netflix

Who doesn’t like magic? This is a topical magic-based sketch program in which magician Justin Willman shows off incredible magic tricks of every kind to everyday people. While the tricks are impressive, profanity and modern cultural trends diminish the entertainment value for me. 


Peer Rating: 2.5/5

Floor is Lava

Rating: TV-PG
Service: Netflix

The wondrous tradition of turning childhood games into a competition for monetary gain continues with “Floor is Lava.” Three teams must face off on a fiery, wacky obstacle course full of treacherous paths and puzzling mechanics to win a commemorative lava lamp and $10,000.

Peer Rating: 4/5

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