Meet Tia

“For Tia, sharing the love of Jesus is as simple as being kind to them.” By Captain Ryan Boyd

When she was young, Tia was adopted by her parents, Majors Rob and Amy Reardon, and instantly became part of a family of Salvationists (members of The Salvation Army). She has four brothers and three sisters-in-law (and a cute niece!) and loves having a big family because there are so many people she can turn to and rely on. 

Today, 14-year-old Tia has expanded her Salvation Army experience to programs like Territorial Youth Chorus and Western Music Institute. She likes music, likes to play the piano, makes delicious banana bread and enjoys rainy days and mystery books. She wants to be a lawyer or writer when she grows up. She loves the community she’s found within The Salvation Army and loves meeting lots of new people.

A few years ago, Tia was at camp, and she heard a message about accepting Christ. It was there that she really thought about what that meant, and she decided that she wanted to become a Christian. She’s been growing in her faith ever since. Now, you can find Tia serving Jesus at church through singing and keeping active in programs. She is working towards playing the offertory during church.

Life hasn’t been without trials for Tia. When she is struggling with her faith or has questions, she turns to her parents for answers. If her parents don’t have an answer, she tries to find it in the Bible herself. When asked about what she would tell someone who is struggling in their faith, she said, “I would tell them to keep trusting God. Be patient, because sometimes it takes time, but you can always trust in Him. It can be a long process, but God is always there with you.”

For Tia, sharing the love of Jesus is as simple as being kind to them. “Showing care to others is a good way to start off. We can also share Bible verses with people and reach out to them.” When in doubt, Tia relies on her favorite verse, John 3:3 (NIV), “Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.’”

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