Meet Reed

Reed’s favorite Scripture is Proverbs 16:9: “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

Reed grew up in a multi-generational household with her mom, sister, grandparents and great-grandmother, plus a couple of family pets. Reed was happy in this home, with a lot of friends in her neighborhood. That all changed in middle school, when she, her mom and her sister moved out. Fortunately, they stayed in the same school zone, but it meant leaving her friends and grandparents behind. Because of the distance from the school, she now had to ride the bus. Reed recalls that first day, climbing the steps of the bus and gazing at the rows of seats, trying to find a seat. A girl invited her to sit with her and Reed did, but there were no other words exchanged after that. That is, until two weeks later when Reed, an avid reader, brought a new book to read on the ride to school. That book generated conversation and from that moment on, the two girls were good friends.

As their friendship grew, this bus mate invited Reed to a sleepover, where she  told Reed that she would be attending church with the family the next day. Reed was confused but willing to attend. 

It turns out that the church was The Salvation Army and Reed was instantly drawn in. It felt like home. After the morning service, Reed was handed a timbrel and told to stay for timbrel practice. Following that, they had a corps (church) lunch, then band rehearsal where, once again, Reed was handed an instrument, a cornet this time, and pointed to a seat and invited to join the band. At this point, she figured she’d been given two new gifts, so she had to keep coming.

The rest is history. Reed quickly became involved in all aspects of programming, including camp, where she felt the love of God for the first time in her life. Reed became a soldier, participated in both short- and long-term mission trips where her faith deepened, and she developed lasting friendships. 

Today, Reed remains active in Army ministry while away at college. She just graduated with her degree in social work, and she will be staying on campus for the summer before transferring to another university for her master’s degree. Reed’s goal is to work for The Salvation Army as a case manager or Pathway of Hope coordinator. She loves the Army’s mission and hopes to extend a hand of welcome, just as was extended to her on that school bus so many years ago.

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